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For this grand premiere, we are going to go back to 1986, with the company of the General Director at the time, Denis Leclerc! Discover the success of the 4th Edition of the Festival International de la Motoneige.

The capsule series, HISTORICAL FLASHES are presented by Usinatech; for you since 1986, for excellent large production, quality of pieces complex, and assembly.



No other than Jacques Villeneuve in an interview in Carleton-sur-mer in 1986. After a three year absence at the time, he returned to this interview about his victory at the Grand Prix Saint-Laurent during the Festival International de la Motoneige.

The HISTORICAL FLASHES capsule series are presented by Usinatech; fabricating mechanical pieces with high precision and measure since 1986.



In this capsule relive the Festival International de la Motoneige. With an assembly of more than 15,000 snowmobilers in the streets of Valcourt, enjoying numerous and highly appreciated activities.



We are starting this capsule series with the Queen’s Ball, the Banquet and with the reading of a letter from the President of the United States, all of the celebrations! Followed by the Champion Brad Hulings and his ski-doo driving formula in 1983.



It is now official, the second edition will be held 10-11-12 of February, 1984! In this promotional publication, relive the most beautiful moments of the first edition.


F.I.M. – 5th edition

For the 5th Edition of the Festival International de la Motoneige, the activities were spread over five days. Allowing time for those coming from the satellite towns to make their way to Valcourt and Maricourt.


F.I.M. – Live from the Yvon-Duhamel circuit

Head to the Yvon-Duhamel circuit to chat with the athletes present in 1987. It’s a close race between Bruce Vessair and Jacques Villeneuve. A fall on the track and the winner is confirmed! Make your predictions!!!


F.I.M. – Full report from 1988

From Wednesday to Sunday, here are some more details on the activities and programs! Recover the complete schedule from 1988.


F.I.M. – Volunteers – Part I

This capsule will make you smile for sure! Review this meeting with the volunteers of the International Snowmobile Festival.


F.I.M. – Volunteers – Part II

Everyone has their own role, no quarrels. Let’s continue our meeting with the volunteers of the time. Experience the Mechanic’s Game and Bed Race!


F.I.M. – Volunteers – Part III (final)

Here is our last capsule, a meeting with the volunteers at the time. Discover the taxi-doo, the method of transport from Valcourt to the Festival International de la Motoneige. we present to you an interview with the Minister of Recreation, Hunting and Fishing,  alongside Denis Leclerc, Director of Recreation in Valcourt!



Return to the Yvon-Duhamel circuit to watch a tight race from 1986. Could you predict the winner from the start?


The layout of the track

Did you know that preparing the track is rigorous work that requires several months of preparation? Even today, but also many years ago! Learn more in this interview from the early 90s.


Snowmobile mass

Have you ever attended snowmobile mass and do your memories look like these? Good viewing !


Formula 3

We have now reached the beginning of the 90s. This video capsule will immerse you in the heart of a Formula 3 final which took place in 1994. The race is tight, the bets are on, who will be crowned the winner?


Defi Dayco Canam

In this video capsule, Gary Vessair, David Wahl, Pierre Gingras, Jacques Villeneuve compete in the 1994 Canam Dayco Challenge. The Americans dominate the standings. Will they keep their place?


Challenge F1-F3

Here are the men of the world championship of snowmobile that you can see, what you cannot see is the determination, the skills to drive a machine over 100 km / h, the courage to recover from an incident on the road. most difficult track, to overcome obstacles of Mother Nature or mechanical origin. Here are the Formula 1 athletes of 1996. Stay tuned for more next week.


Marcel Fontaine

The Americans are back for the 14th edition and everyone wants to show off, here in Valcourt. To begin with, Marcel Fontaine presents the characteristics that allow the Circuit Yvon-Duhamel track to stand out. Watch the start, we present you Formula 1 races that took place in 1996.


Race show

We are launching part 3 of the archives with a report from the early 2000s. Jacques Villeneuve is never too far to grant us an interview!


Qualifications Pro – Archive GPSV

You never have enough races! For this special, we offer you nearly an hour of competition on the oval ice track.


24th edition – part 2

A look back at the 2006 Pro Champ 440 qualifiers and more. In an interview with Terry Wahl and Jacques Villeneuve, these are archives that we all love to review.


Gusts of wind that force the cancellation of races

Everyone who was there remembers! Wind gusts of nearly 80 km / hour forced the cancellation of a day of racing.


Even more races

You never have enough races! For this special, we offer you nearly an hour of competition on the oval ice track.


Teaser – part 4 archive

Coming very soon, the launch of the last section of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt archives from 2010 to today. We can say that we have jumped into a vacuum over the past decade when it comes to innovations! ?

30th edition

Town In

New in Valcourt to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Check out the Town In SNOW BOARD BIG AIR in this comprehensive show.

Old interview

With Sabrina Blanchet

This interview was filmed during the 33rd edition of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt as part of a capsule at Salut Bonjour.



A look back at some impressive freestyle footage from the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt in 2015


More Freestyle !

Still impressive images shot by a drone during freestyle competitions in 2015 at GPSV.

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