Implementation of the artificial snow system
Implementation of the artificial snow system

After a few years in the mud, it was in 2005, at the request of the sanctioner WPSA, that an underground water and electricity network was set up in order to make artificial snow. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive in the first year. 

The following year, on February 1, there was still no snow on the ground. Fortunately, with some improvements and favorable weather conditions, the team managed to produce enough snow for the required standards, just before the pump broke! Since then, the water network, underground electricity and pumps have undergone major work and from 2007, snowmaking has achieved satisfactory results in just a few days!



Did you know that Roger Laverdure and his sons have been responsible for making the ice for the oval track since the beginning of the GPSV. Discover soon in a capsule video where this idea came from and what was necessary for the development of this first ice track!