the evolution of the Yvon-Duhamel circuit – From 2000 to 2010
the evolution of the Yvon-Duhamel circuit – From 2000 to 2010

It was only in 2002-2003 that the addition of runners’ pre-registrations made it possible to establish the race schedule before the start of the weekend. At that time, Marcel Fontaine also overhauled the race program due to scheduling problems encountered in recent years. In fact, there were too many qualifications and it was necessary to review the possibility of reducing the number of classes as well. At that time there were 4 classes in snocross and 15 classes in oval racing. The organization is therefore working to imagine 3 classes and two categories of drivers: the Open, Stock, Champ and two categories of drivers, ie Pro and Semi-pro. In total, a withdrawal of 33 races was possible, reducing the programming from 79 races at the start to 55 races at the end on Saturday and from 49 to 40 races on Sunday. Eventually, fixed times were established for the most important races. 

Between 2004 and 2010, the improvements mainly concerned the oval track. One at a time, all the curves are there! In 2008, in curves 1 and 2, the track was widened again by 20 feet in order to avoid accidents that happened too often in the past. Additionally, freestyle artists had their own venue to express their talent, the Red Bull Zone, now located outside the main track. On the side of the snocross track, WPSA produced a track with steep slopes, pre-formed waves of bumps- while usually it made more use of the natural work of the snowmobilers passing by. 

Finally, in 2010, curve number 4 of the icy oval of the Yvon-Duhamel circuit underwent some modifications (more widths and a more pronounced slope). The last corner before the finish line of the Pro Champ category thus promised to offer a lot of thrills. For the Snocross track, we added 40% more snow. The bumps were higher, the hollows deeper, which appealed to more technical riders.

To discover the rest of the improvements from 2010 to today, it’s a date in the last section which will be presented next January!