The involvement of the Lemay family
The involvement of the Lemay family

The Lemay family is recognized as one of the families that have been part of the history of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt since the beginning. Already in 1984, this family was represented by Donald Lemay and his brother Pierre-Yves who had become a volunteer for the international snowmobile festival. In 1985, Donald joined the organizing committee and took responsibility for in-town activities such as decoration, ice monuments, campfires, taxi-doo, etc. For him, the Fun Factor was an important point! “The main thing is to maintain the notoriety of the Grand Prix de Valcourt and the quality of the races and the show. Never do less than the previous year, always do more while having fun. He also mentions having contributed to spreading the spirit of the festival in 1988 when he and his team obtained an exchange of advice from the festivals of St-Gabriel, Thetford Mines, and the Manoir Richelieu in Malbaie. Donald Lemay is recognized for his outstanding human resources management, both with staff and volunteers.

Donald became president of the Grand Prix Ski-doo de Valcourt in 2009 for the revival when the organization had been the victim of fraud. In 2012, Donald organized the 30th edition of the Grand Prix and the alumni gathering which was a great success. Moreover, his daughter, Marie-Pier Lemay, formerly a volunteer, became general manager of the Grand Prix during the 30th edition. His son, Marc-Antoine Lemay was also on the Board of Directors until 2020. He previously held an important role in business relations with the main sponsors. Donald Lemay passed the torch of President to Martin Simard for the 38th edition in 2020.  

Even today, the Lemay family is involved as a volunteer during the weekend of the event and does not hesitate to help the team throughout the year. 


In 2018, during his last participation as President of the Grand Prix, Donald was awarded the medal of the National Assembly as a reward for all he has accomplished within the organization of the event over the years. The National Assembly Medal is a distinction awarded by the Members of the National Assembly of Québec, awarded to personalities from different walks of life who, through their careers, their work, or their commitment, have forged the history of Québec.