A tribute to Terry and Dustin Wahl
A tribute to Terry and Dustin Wahl

It is a tradition at the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt to pay particular attention to a competitor who has made an exceptional contribution to snowmobile racing. In 2013, the organizing committee decided to honor legendary number 74 Terry Wahl.

Terry is originally from Greenbush, Minnesota. He began his career at the age of 17 in the American Midwest. From the start, the promoters of the race recognized the enormous potential of Terry Wahl. It should be noted that Terry is part of a large family of snowmobile racing that have made their mark in the sport.

The adventure began 55 years ago with Terry’s father, Durmont Wahl, who was involved in Team Arctic Cat at the time. He was a technical advisor for the Arctic Cat Race team and emotionally helped many champions of his time.

Additionally, Terry’s uncle Dave, number 74, started his own career in snowmobile racing. He became a dominant contender in the 80s and 90s. He continues today to lead the team of his son Dustin, who often wins the final here in Valcourt.

In 1993 Durmont and Dave included the famous # 74, Terry Wahl. Together, the three family members won 13 finals here in Valcourt. 

Dave has won 4 times, Dustin has won 3 times and Terry has won 6 times. Indeed, Terry holds the record for the most victories on the Yvon Duhamel Circuit. He has made his presence felt at all the most important events in North America, including the World Championship in 1998.

Today, retired from racing his own sled, he is still involved with Wahl Bros Racing. The name Wahl continues to be successful in competition with Dustin, 27, and Justin, 18. We will always speak of a Wahl dynasty here in Valcourt.


During the official ceremony preceding the Grand Prix final in 2013, Mr. Marcel Fontaine, who was the event’s director of operations for 30 years, presented a commemorative plaque to Terry Wahl, while Mr. Donald Lemay, president of the Grand Prix de Valcourt gave him a copy of the tribute paid to him.