FIM’s Activities  
FIM’s Activities  

The radar challenge, the taxi-doo, the ice castle, the waiter race, the torchlight ride, the mini-safari on snowmobiles, the champions’ hike, bingo, dog racing, arena shows and many more entertainment activites were offered to visitors during the first decadeOther activities were presented by the Valcourt Carnival, in parallel to the Valcourt International Snowmobile Festival. Learn more about some of the favourite activities of the 19th century. 

Radar Challenge

One of the most popular games of the 1988 activity program, the radar challenge consists of a straight-line trip of approximately 700 feetwhile trying to reach a maximum speed measured by a radar at a specific point along the route. At that time, the minimum age to register was 14 years and fortunately wearing a safety helmet was mandatoryEach registered snowmobiler participated with their own sled. Twenty-one volunteers were needed to lead this activity. 

Waiter Course

Even more wacky than some activitiessnowmobilers are invited to participate in this game where they will have to drive a snowmobilewhile the passenger will have to hold, in balance, a tray with glasses, while following a course filled with obstacles! 

Ice Monument Contest

The entire population of Valcourt is invited to build ice monuments in the International Square and throughout the city. Prizes are presented for the most impressive sculptures, just before heading to the arena for the bonfire at the end of the day. 

Snowmobile Obstacle

fairly unique activity was offered to snowmobilersThree obstacles were on the programme of this activitySnowmobilers must successfully complete these obstacles; the “stop on top” which consists of climbing a platform and remaining balanced at the top and 2 other obstacles where the snowmobiler had  to show skill by balancing on a large barrel and then on a ramp of precise length. 

Snowmobile Rally

This activity was a novelty in 1988 to involve snowmobilers and introduce them to the snowmobile trails linking Valcourt to satellite cities. Each satellite city had 3 relays where snowmobilers had to stamp a sheet to prove their passage. Registration was made from the Le Ciboulot snowmobile relay and this activity lasted from Wednesday to Friday. 

Hiking champions

 The Champions Walk was a popular activity for snowmobilers. A unique opportunity to go hiking with some professional snowmobile riders. The walk lasted about 4 hours and passed through Melbourne, Racine, Kingsbury, South Durham and Valcourt. 

Valcourt Carnival

Three activitiessponsored and organized by the Valcourt Carnival, were in some way an integral part of the Valcourt International Snowmobile Festival. It was The Night Hike, Bingo and the Queen’s Ball at the Valcourt Arena.