Site Improvements between 1983-2009
Site Improvements between 1983-2009

The layout of the site still requires some improvements today, but its evolution has welcomed thousands of visitors each year for 40 years. Remember that in the past, this large lot was not designed to host festivities. There was no parking and traffic paths had to be built. Moreover, the very first track already in place could not be used for competitions. In addition, no infrastructure was in place to allow visitors to warm up.


The first improvements 

In 1982, a very small room was set up to accommodate pointers and commentators, commonly known as the Rotax hut. Although the track required several improvements, we recommend the story “The evolution of the Yvon-Duhamel circuit” to find out everything! In 1984, journalists, VIPs and sponsors could now warm up in a room designed for them. Since then, the organization has been busy improving and expanding infrastructure.


In 1987, the addition of new stands enabled the thousands of spectators expected to enjoy the Grand Prix Labatt. The stands were set back from the boards to allow spectators to walk in front and view the race from any location around the track. In 1988, the sound system was upgraded to provide better audio quality to the delight of the hosts and the crowd. Also, a press gallery was set up. In 1991, the Prestige package was introduced which gave access to suites on the 2nd floor of the VIP tower. That same year, a trailer was installed for sponsors and a fence was installed around the entrance to the Petro-Canada Grand Prix in Valcourt.


In 1993, the Place Internationale was built near the Valcourt Arena. Regulars at the late International Snowmobile Festival were delighted with the many family activities offered, and the show at the Valcourt Arena on Saturday evening was also a success with Richard Séguin. Other investments between 1990 and 2000 included the installation of heating in the Gold Stage. At the same time, the 2nd floor of the VIP building was upgraded to install a ventilation system. The same year, a committee was formed to proceed with the planning of the construction of a new building which would host the ticketing and accreditation of VIPs and journalists the following year.



At the beginning of the 2000’s

In 2002, the board of directors recovered trailers from Lac Larouche in Racine to accommodate the secretariat and the press room. In 2004, the idea of ​​having corporate lodges emerged! David Gosselin, owner of Gératek, had the idea of ​​building three corporate lodges under the trailers recovered from Lac Larouche. The same year, we also proceeded to the expansion of the volunteer room. We have also seen the addition of tables on the site in recent years for the comfort of visitors.


Between 2005 and 2006, new public lodges and new corporate lodges were built. Also, the underground water and electricity network was set up in 2005 to make artificial snow. From 2007 onwards, snowmaking improved and reached the set targets. At the dawn of the 25th edition which took place in 2007, everything was placed to counter the inclement weather conditions.


Live broadcasting, a big novelty

From 2008, spectator entry was centralized near the ticket office and a turnstile was installed at the entrance. The parking lots were also being standardized by plowing them and widening the central path and the paths between the two lakes. Also, the underground wire installation improves the live broadcast and provides an online show for our web community. In 2009, Ski-Doo celebrated its 50th anniversary and BRP carried out several works on the site before the GPSV event.

To discover the rest of the improvements from 2010 to today, go to the last part which will be presented next January!



During the first edition, a very small room allowed the pointers and the commentators to stay warm during the races, but on the side of journalists, VIPs and sponsors, all were on the snowbank with the visitors! Fortunately, the following year, a room was fitted.