New snowboard competition
New snowboard competition

The Grand Prix is ​​a must for several reasons and the 30th edition is one of them! In order to attract a clientele aged 16-35, in 2012 the team presented a pilot project consisting of a new competition: the “Frost giant snowboard tow in”! Unique in its kind in North America, snowboarders are towed by snowmobile before setting off to a jump over a 60-foot-wide ditch and landing on the other side! Thrill seekers are rewarded for their acrobatics and the finest style.

Several of the best snowboarders took part in the Grand Prix de Valcourt. Among them, Julien Beaulieu from Quebec, who was at that time ranked second in the Canadian International Ski Federation (FIS) Slopestyle ranking and ninth in the world, and the Montrealer Antoine Truchon who was for his part fifth on the Canadian FIS List. As for Maxence Parrot from Bromont (QC), he was ranked seventh in the Canadian ranking and led the Ticket To Ride World Tour (TTR) after four laps ahead of Truchon. We also watched Jason Dubois of Stoneham (QC), one of the best urban riders, and Simon Reid of Mont-Tremblant who have won their fair share of snowboard competitions in Quebec in recent seasons. 

With over 20 athletes, the competition was fierce. In fact, the winner would either receive a scholarship of $ 10,000 or a Ski-Doo Freeride snowmobile. Julien Beaulieu had mentioned in an interview with La Presse: “If I win? I’m taking the Ski-Doo, that’s for sure! Even if it means selling it afterwards if I can’t use it. We even decided to go to Valcourt with a pickup truck to bring back the snowmobile. It adds a little pressure and it will cost us a little more gasoline, but I’ll be ready! ”

Finally, Jason Dubois from Stoneham (QC) won first position and chose the Ski-Doo Freeride snowmobile. Guillaume Desrochers won 2nd position, Mickael Roy won 3rd position and finally Maxence Parrot 4th position. 

This pilot project was initiated as part of the 30th edition and since then the experience has not been repeated since the expected spinoffs concerning the objective of attracting new customers versus the effort deployed were not sufficient.