Story of the Ski-Doo Bonhomme!
Story of the Ski-Doo Bonhomme!

Bonhomme Ski-Doo is close to 55 years old! It was at the first edition of the Winter Carnival of Valcourt in 1966 that the organizers had the idea to create a mascot in the colours of the Ski-Doo snowmobiles at the time. Designed by Gilles Favreau, Bonhomme still wears the same custom and fibreglass head today. Since his birth, Bonhomme has participated in many events. Bonhomme has even walked with duchesses, who are often by his side. Still today, Bonhomme visits the citizens of Valcourt regularly at many diverse events, such as the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt.
Small Scoop! For those lucky enough to see Bonhomme at the GPSV Halloween Valcourt event in 2020, yes, it’s true, Bonhomme has a twin! Two heads were designed in 1968.

Gilles Favreau tells us…

« If my memory is good, the idea came from the Carnaval de Valcourt. The carnival committee asked my friend, Luc Tanguay to make the project a reality within a short period, and asked for my help to make the pattern. As my title was a regular moulder at Bombardier, I did the rest of the work and made only two copies. All of this work was done outside of working hours. Luc Tanguay passed away a few years ago, and it was he who inspired the model. »


There was a rumour that the Carnaval de Quebec had already made an offer to buy the Bonhomme Ski-Doo in the 1990s. Further, it seems that Bonhomme Ski-Doo also has the name Yellow Ski-Doo.

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