2013 to 2022

A tribute to Marcel Fontaine

Since the beginning, it has been part of the GPSV family

Involved in the first edition of the Grand Prix de Valcourt in 1983, then called the International Snowmobile Festival, Marcel Fontaine has earned an excellent reputation in the big family of the world of snowmobile racing. Whether for his expertise or his personal qualities, Marcel Fontaine has distinguished himself in Quebec and on other North American circuits as a racer, mechanic, and then race director.

Marcel Fontaine is recognized, among other things, for the importance, he attached to the safety aspect of snowmobile racing. As race director, he ensured that the regulations were respected, whether they were the standards imposed on the runners or those imposed on the organizers for the safety of the tracks. For him, nothing was more important than ensuring fair and safe competition for athletes and fans. In 1998, he also launched the Super Competition Motorsport (SCM) association, now called Super Production Challenge, which deals with governing the regulations of oval and snocross races.


The best mediator between the athletes

Involved in the organization of races for thirty years, he also founded in the mid-90s the Eastern Pro Tour was a circuit presenting snocross races on oval tracks. Marcel Fontaine’s work for the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt earned him an induction into the Grand Prix Hall of Fame in 2015. His main mission as race director for the GPSV was to collaborate with the organizers and to ensure that the races follow each other perfectly, without too much waiting. He also acted as a mediator between the athletes and the organization, overseeing the registration of runners at the trophy presentation. Describing the Grand Prix as well organized, well run, and well managed, Marcel Fontaine named the Valcourt event as the race of races among other things for the presence of snocross in the oval, the caliber of the pilots as well as the atmosphere on the site that allows the event to distinguish itself from other competitions.




Passed away in 2015, Marcel Fontaine knew, during his 40 years of involvement in the world of snowmobile racing, to stand out and become a true ambassador for the sport, for the athletes but also for the Grand Prix Ski-Dooof Valcourt.