Work on the site — 2010 to today
Work on the site — 2010 to today

In 2010, we entered a recovery period for the Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt. The objective was to increase the proportion of family activities on the site to encourage visitors to come with their families in addition to increasing our clientele from neighboring regions. At the same time, we have set up a shuttle system between major cities. In 2012, the Family Zone was repositioned. We are also installing a new Ski-Doo tent and improving the DRAG area for the next year.


We see big!  

In 2014, to allow our visitors to watch live races and replays, we installed a giant screen outside curve #2 and 2 screens inside the Ski-doo marquee. With these additions, it has become possible for fans to stay in the action at all times. Despite the dimensions of the outdoor screen, the largest outdoor screen in Canada, the location chosen for its installation did not maximize its usefulness, and improvements took place the following year. In addition, to meet the requests that have been sent to us, the organization has chosen to rent a sanitary module in which heated toilets with sinks were made available to visitors and athletes. This same formula was used for the 33rd edition.

Activities for everyone 

In 2015, there were many new features on the site. Several activities have been added, including mini-ATV trails, snowmobile trails, a mechanical shovel skill test, and even helicopter rides ($). We had also set up well-defined areas on the site that allowed our visitors to stay in the action at all times and to easily find their way around the Yvon-Duhamel circuit site. They were friendly and safe; activity zone, GPSV village, family zone, drag racing zone, Freestyle zone, and the racing zone. 

In 2016, the first evening programming was presented. It was under the spotlight that visitors were able to watch the Marcel Fontaine triple crown final. For smoother traffic around the site, the organization has set up a Kubota shuttle service that transports people from the parking lots to the ticket office. In addition, on the site of the event, shuttles were also available for occupants of corporate boxes and VIP guests to limit traffic and avoid potential accidents.

In 2017, to meet more local demand, a show with the Kaïn group was produced and promoted at the Valcourt arena. That year, a lot of effort was put into the family area. It was huge and very well laid out with a giant slide. 


The first phase of work on permanent buildings

Between 2018 and 2020, this was the first phase of work on permanent buildings. The expansion of the corporate boxes has greatly improved the product offering for businesses and visitors. In 2020, the integration of rigid and insulated walls in the marquees and the launch of the second track for the holding of a junior program on Saturdays were a great success. In the current context of the pandemic, with the explosion of costs of construction, the organization decided in 2021 to postpone all construction projects to 2023. The GPSV has been coveting for several years the addition of a permanent building to replace the big top. Projects to add lighting and increase the electrical capacity of the site are currently on the table. The Grand Prix team is also working on setting up windbreak zones by planting trees on the site.


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