Jacques Villeneuve – major accidents in 2010 and 2013
Jacques Villeneuve – major accidents in 2010 and 2013

Jacques Villeneuve is one of the personalities who marked the history of Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt, by flamboyant races and by victories. He is a three time GPSV Champion in the Pro Champ category; 1986, 2005 and 2006. He was able to attract crowds as he was one of the favorites. Jacques Villeneuve is known for his tenacity and for his desire to run. He had a knack for keeping people going and giving thrilling races to snowmobile enthusiasts. He also scared us a few times, two more critical accidents occurred during the 28th and 31st editions. 

During there, 28th edition in 2010, after a busy Saturday day, Jacques Villeneuve managed to qualify for the Pro Champ final. Throughout this weekend, spectators were excited by the performances of Jacques Villeneuve. During the final on Sunday, after a good start, Jacques Villeneuve led the race, just two laps from crossing the finish line, he collided and glided over 15 feet in the air and fell back directly on the off-track ice. The crowd was in shock to see their favorite in this state. He was rushed to hospital, although he wasn’t keen on the idea. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a fractured L12 vertebrae, a fracture in his upper right hip, and blood in his lungs. Despite this accident, Jacques Villeneuve still wants to race at 56 years old.

As if that were not enough, 3 years later Jacques Villeneuve suffered his second major accident at the GPSV during the 31st edition, in 2013. On Saturday, during the first qualifying events, Jacques Villeneuve was the victim of an excursion off the track as he made the turn for curve number 3. The driver’s engine in front of him burned and his opponent’s snowmobile suddenly started heading for Jacques Villeneuve, and he was violently hit on the left side. Villeneuve’s legs remained on the snowmobile, but his back and head hit the ground, he ended his fall by smashing a bale of hay. He was transported by helicopter to hospital, diagnosed with several fractures and a punctured lung. Despite this major incident, Jacques Villeneuve still has the desire to run, he says he is not afraid to get back on the race track. “It’s the most beautiful death you can’t ask for, basically. You do what you love.”


The day after his first big accident in Valcourt, Jacques Villeneuve said to a reporter that he could not believe how long he stayed in the air.